Who is WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training?

What Services does WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training offer?

Whats the difference between a session and a consultation?

How much do we charge for a session or a consultation?

  What do you need to get started?  How can you contact WiseGuy Consulting?

What WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training is all about
    WiseGuy Consulting and Specialty Training is a group of computer, networking, and technology specialists under the direction of Will Gertig, the owner and primary instructor of WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training, that are dedicated to helping people work through their personal challenges related to computing and consumer electronics products.

    Will, a former college level instructor, has spent many hours tutoring students privately and found that he could truly relate to those individuals that needed personal  computer and software application training.  His ability to rapidly adjust the course materials to an individual level of understanding helps a student better learn as they visualize and work with a hands-on type of training.  He began to work more with neighborhood friends and family, by teaching small classes and in groups, and found that mature adults responded very well to his teaching methods.  He decided to further expand his neighborhood offerings from just computing hardware and software skills to include training on all type of consumer electronics.  He eventually found that there weren't enough hours in a day to meet the demands that were pouring in for his individual services, so he needed to expand with associates and therefore, WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training was started.

Our Mission
    WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training is dedicated to helping people use Today's technology to its fullest potential, in the most simple manner possible...whether it be a computer, a cell  phone with graphic capability, a digital camera, High Definition TV, Internet Access, a combination VCR and DVD player, GPS units, or anything else related to the technology that we see and use today. 

    Our website is an example of our goal for simplicity; its not glitzy or full of high-tech mumbo-jumbo, but is a document that is carefully designed and thought out, precise yet very easy to use.

    We're here to help you work through your  personal challenges related to technology, so if you want to learn how to use the functions of web based email, we can help.  If you just want to take better pictures with your digital camera, we can help.  If you want to learn the features of your specific model of digital camera and then learn how to edit & print your digital photos using software on your PC, we can help with that too.

    And if you don't see a session or consulting offering here at out web site that deals with your specific device or area of interest, please contact us and we can work out a personal solution for any computing issue, any consumer electronics device, or any electronics or computer subject of interest that you may be interested.

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What services does WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training offer?
    Our services can be broken down into 2 categories, called either a session or a consultation.  A Session is primarily a single, 2 hour, private tutoring session in your home, but a single session can be stretched into one or more meetings, say one today and the balance tomorrow.  A consultation is more of a consulting venture, say several ideas all grouped together for a specific goal, like Learning HTML, or Learning Microsoft Office's Excel spreadsheet software.  Generally, a consultation will take many meetings to complete and is usually charged based on an hourly fee, although this can be negotiated, based on the students current abilities in the selected subject matter.

We offer sessions in several different topic groupings (please click on each group to see each specific session offerings):
Consultations are also offered in topic groupings (please click on each group to see each specific consultation offerings):
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Whats the difference between a session and the basic consultation rate?
    A session is a service that is paid as a flat fee, a one-fee-for-one-visit type of arrangement.  Its all about a specific technology topic and includes approximately 90 minutes of personalized tutoring at a location of your choice and approximately 30 minutes of hands-on practice.  A session is designed to firstly teach you about the subject that you want to learn about, and the hands-on portion reinforces the topic training.   But one important part of any WiseGuy session that sets up apart from other tutoring services:  Your WiseGuy session can be broken up into 2 visits if you go into "information overload"!  Too much information at too fast of a rate is not a good thing, so your WiseGuy specialist is sensitive to your specific learning needs, and will come back another day to complete the session if you want, as long as the return trip is within a 10 day period.

    On the other hand, a consultation is based on an hourly rate, as it is a more broad based topic or series of topics designed to complete a larger goal, like how to write web pages using HTML, or learning about the Microsoft Office Suite.  A consultation, if related to training, is more of a classroom setting, generally requiring student homework, and fixed class meetings.  But in some cases, a consultation is an installation or configuration service, for example,  a WiseGuy technology specialist can come to your home to install and configure your DSL connection, or configure your router, or installs and configures a wireless home network for you.

    As a session example, lets discuss the specifics in the session on How to Protect your PC.   A WiseGuy technology specialist would meet you at your home, assess the current state of your home computing system, and devise a plan to help you eliminate viruses, prevent adware from being installed, remove any spyware or bots installed on your system, recommend firewall settings, and teach you how to keep your system up to date using Microsoft's Update features.  Once the plan is devised, he would then implement the plan, with you watching him.  After completion, he would then ask you to physically again do the tasks in the plan that he did, therefore reinforcing the teachings, and upon completion, would leave you printed instructions on how to perform the tasks in the future.

    As another session example, lets take the session on Learning Web-based Email.   A WiseGuy technology specialist would meet you at your home, to work at your computer, log onto the Internet and help you set up a Yahoo email account.  He will then give you a brief 90 minute training session on how to use Yahoo email via it's web interface.  He then would then review the topics that were covered, and ask you to send and receive a few emails so that you can feel comfortable in what you have learned.   Then over the next 2 weeks, you would get emails from the specialist that will teach you how to use the remaining features of Yahoo email, like CC and BCC, sending and receiving attachments, configuring spam options, etc.

    One thing that's important to note, and separates us from our competitors:  All specialty training is guaranteed for 30 days after you complete a session or consultation, so if you need some reminding or reinforcement on part of the training you received, the specialist will be glad to return at no additional charge within the 30 day period to assist you with anything that you may need assistance on from that specific session or consultation.  And remember, all sessions and consultations provide clear and concise printed materials that you can refer to in the future, so you're not left without documentation.

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How much do we charge for a session or basic consulting?
The fees charged for a session vary slightly based on the topic.  Contact us for the specific rate(s) for the session(s) you wish.  Multiple sessions booked at the same time do qualify for discounts.

Consultation fees are hourly fees, we recommend that you contact us for current pricing.  Each visit has a minimum charge of one hour, additional time is billed in half-hour increments, based on a 10 minute extension (if representative is onsite 1 hour and 10 minutes, 1 and 1/2 hours will be billed, if onsite 1 hour and 7 minutes, only 1 hour will be billed)

All payments are expected at the conclusion of service.  At this time, WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training will only accept payment for services by check or cash, but we are working on an arrangement that will allow us to soon begin accepting credit and debit cards. 

Any check returned to us for any reason will be subject to a $35 handling fee (this fee is what our financial institution charges us for a returned check; we are just passing the responsibility back to you and ask that you work with your financial institution for resolution of any payment issues).   In order to have an issue of this type cleared up, we require that it be paid for by either using cash or a money order/certified check.

And remember,
All specialty training is guaranteed for 30 days after you complete a session or consultation, so if you need some reminding or reinforcement on part of the training you received, the specialist will be glad to return at no additional charge within the 30 day period to assist you with anything that you may need assistance on from that specific session or consultation.

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 What do you need to get started? How do you contact WiseGuy?

Your really dont need to much except a desire to learn, and something to learn with.  For example, if you want to learn about a topic related to a computing system, you will need to have a PC or laptop (ar at least access to one).  If you just want to get information on a topic related to computing or consumer electronics and wish to do an informational consultation with us, all you have to do is call us, and we'll take it from there.

What software do I need installed on my computer system to get started?
WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training strongly recommends that the Microsoft XP Operating System be installed on your computer system, however, we will offer our services on systems that have Windows 98 or Windows Millenium installed.  Please note that these 2 older versions of Windows may not have the functionality needed to gain the knowledge that our sessions or consultations are designed to share.

If a customer requests any sessions or Independent Study consultations that require software that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite, the minimum revision level of Office that can be used is Office XP (Office 2002).  Sessions and consultations that require Front Page must have at least Front Page 2002, and Publisher's minimum revision is also Publisher 2002.

How can I contact you if I have any questions or want to engage your services?
If you have any questions about our personalized training sessions, our consultations, or just want more information, please either call us at 847 669-7172, or click here to send an email.

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And thanks again for thinking about WiseGuy Consulting & Specialty Training;
we look forward to helping you learn!